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Professional Engineering, Special Inspections and Testing Services

From inception to occupancy, KTSE does more than size beams and columns – we work hands on with our clients to expediently solve and resolve engineering challenges.  KTSE consulting services are designed to facilitate the technical needs of owners, developers, architects and contractors for building projects throughout NYC.  We look forward to working with you!!

Some of Our Services

Engineering Services:

Structural designs for concrete and steel superstructures, support of excavation, underpinning, deep foundations, and miscellaneous detailing to meet client needs.

Safety and construction logistics designs including; site safety plans, work place safety plans, tenant protection plans, structural stability plans and demolition plans (DS1)

Beyond our training and experience as designers we have a significant history in the construction management industry as project managers, supervisors and installers from foundations to finishes.  This awareness and respect for coordination and communication is integrated into all our designs.

Field Tests, Reports, Certifications

  • Pull Tests
  • Field Measuring and Modelling for Existing Conditions
  • Pre-Condition Surveys (aka Pre-Construction Reports)
  • Local Law 11/98 Inspections (TR6)
  • Asbestos Investigations (TR5)
  • Soil Boring Reports (TR4)
  • Test Pits
  • Land Surveying services (Optical Monitoring services and field layout)
  • On site water and air testing of windows, curtain-wall and storefront to ASTM, AMAA standards.

Licensed Special Inspection Agency

KTSE is a registered special inspection agency providing TR-1 inspections, sign-on and sign-offs for mid-rise buildings throughout the 5 boroughs.

Scope creep due to unforeseen conditions will inevitability encroach on your construction project.  Typically, the one who can clearly define the problem and apply the appropriate fix are the professionals regularly overseeing and inspecting your jobsite.   When you contract with KTSE as your designer and special inspector we can better integrate field changes and unify the design and inspection process.

DOB Approved Special Inspection

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